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RBF duplicate mirror Cannot refresh effect

Hello, everyone, please help me. I met a problem about RBF here. Maybe some people know how to solve it. If I adjust the flip axis and mirror image many times, I find that except for the first time, other things don’t seem to refresh the display effect. I need to reopen Maya and re mirror. Does anyone know how to refresh the effect correctly without reopening Maya?

Sorry, my English is not good, so I translated it with translation software. If there is anything unclear, please leave me a message.

Hi @sunny

If it is a refresh problem try to use the command re-evaluate nodes in the menu

If is a configuration problem I will need more information with images and sample data if possible

Sorry, I’ve been so busy lately that I forgot to check the information.
The situation is like this. I used RBF to create the control on the left, check the axis that is flipped left and right, and use the mirror function. If you find that the axis is checked wrong, after re-modifying the axis, and then mirroring the RBF, you will find that the RBF effect has no effect. I need to open a brand new Maya and re-mirror to see the new effect.