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RBF manager - "add / edit pose" make an offset

Hi, I’m switching to maya from 3dsmax and I learn to use mGear.
I want to use the RBF manager to set my compens articulations system’s. But the behavior is not what I expected. In the some poses my joint take an offset when I add a new posing or when I edit the pose.

I created an “art group” in the “setup group” with parent constraint between the clavicle joint’s and arm joint’s. Next I create 4 joints with “npo group” for each. I cleaned Joint Orient and Transform attributes to zero. And finally I setup my RBF parameters.
You can see the gif:

I’m trying to fix the little preview ^^
I don’t know if this behavior is due to a bad setup or a bad understanding of the system, or if it is a bug.
Thanks a lot for yours help.

See you.

Use control_01 instead of joints, later you can delete shapes and remove them from controllers set - but it should be the easiest path.
If you’d like to use joints it’s tricky sometimes, I managed to use them and here are some notes:

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Thank you for answering this question for @Simon I have been terribly occupied as of late. There just is not enough time in a day.


Thank you very much for your help, it seems more stable. I am continuing my tests, I would like to separate this process from the shifter process to have the most modular system as possible.
I’m trying to fix the euler switch axes values with a quaternion decomposition.

I keep you in touch. :wink:

There just is not enough time in a day.

You are so right !! ^^

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Hello I’ve encountered the same issue with the add/edit pose creates an offset however I’ve used Control01 and I have set the mirror inverts in the attribute tabs, its the same thing with the gimmick joints

what I have noticed on the first two poses (pose 0 and Pose 1) work perfectly fine however when pose 2 is introduced into the mix it causes the offset for me

I’ve tested this out for a few hours some in small movements and in the most recent test I’ve pushed it to some extreme movements before creating pose 2 and it causes no issues but as soon as pose 2 is created it offsets the control in that move, now the other poses (0 and 1 are perfectly fine.) I hope this helps give a detailed enough description
I’ve provided a file of the full to test out

Hi! In my experience with RBF, and not only with the mGear/BraveRabbit one but with other similar solutions, is that less is more. The interpolation between similar poses is not working fine most of the time. I’d try to define extreme or key-poses and make it work as nicer as possible this way. Think that RBF is not a perfect solution, but a nice way of getting better deformations more easily. I found that most of the time I need to tweak/animate the RBF controls to get the desired position and rotation to get a nice deformation. Cheers.


interesting will definitely keep that in mind, though I do feel this may be a potential but or a bad setup on my end

I don’t think so. I checked the file and it is all fine. Although your second pose is very similar to the first one and the control_R0_ctl position is set to be far from the knee, which I think is intentional, right?

I don’t see any problems, no offset just exactly nice interpolation between the two poses given.

yeah its intentional, last few times I thought I was pushing it to its limits however to be honest the issue is more when it comes to pose 2 and onwards wherever I add set the pose to be when I press add pose or edit pose it offsets it randomly.
so with the last one I did I only moved it in one direction (Z) so it should be zero on x and y but it isn’t that’s my issue its just the driver jumping to a random position I didn’t intend makes it feel buggy in my opinion.

I have used and abused RBF and I didn’t get that at all. However, once you set the pose you can edit it and set it exactly where you want. I do constantly tweak the poses while working on the skinning, it is part of the process.

Just tested it out. I can add as many poses as I want and the control remains, It is not adding offsets at all. I can also edit the poses and iterate without problems. I’ll grab a video capture to show you.

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interesting its working perfectly fine for you.
so what version of mGear do you have? I have 3.6.0 and maya 2020.2

also how do you upload videos? and what did you use to record it?

oh! I’m not sure what can cause your issue. I am also using 3.6.0, but Maya 2019.3.1
I’ll give it a go with 2020, although I have Maya 2020.4, the latest updated released.
Used capturing video desktop tools installed with Nvidia GeForce Experience.

Good news
from what I’ve discovered It appears to have been a setup issue on my end all along.
what fixed everything so far has been the fact that in my plugin manager for mGear I didn’t have everything turned on. rookie mistake on my end but for anyone else having this issue make sure all the mGear plugins are turned on. seriously thanks for all the help Milio sorry about all the bother! couldn’t have narrowed it down without your input!


haha! Great news! Not a problem, here to help if I can! Cheers