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RBF manager and blend shapes


Hi everyone

I can’t seem to get the RBF manager to work with my blend shape node. The problem is when I select the blend shape node ( I am making sure to select the node) and click the New RBF button the window that appears prompting me to select driven attributes the weight values of my shapes aren’t in the list.

Any ideas?

Is there a node editor set up that I can refer to and set this up manually?

mGear 3.0.4 Maya 2018 Linux



Do I need to install the weight driver node from brave rabbit seperately from mGear? I have a plugin called weightDriver.so that seems to be installed along with mgear ( it’s in the mgear folder)


Ok trying to do this using the brave rabbit technique and I get this error when trying to launch the weightDriverEditRBF command

/mgear_3.0.4/scripts/weightDriverEditRBF.mel" line 1309.1: Syntax error

this line in the scripts seems to be trying to load the plugin but it’s already loaded.


Hello @MattL

mGear’s is shipped with two ways of interacting with the weightDriver node. If you have Brave Rabbit (Ingo Clemens) Shapes tool I recommend using it if you are planning on driving BLENDSHAPES with the weightNode as the RBF Manager of mGear isn’t really meant to work with non DAG maya nodes. The RBF manager used the WeightDriver node that comes with Shapes but it uses just to drive transforms mainly rather than blendshapes. I did add a tiny support for blendshapes but there was no point of doing more because if you then need to drive blendshapes it’s better then to use Shapes or the second tool shipped with Maya which is indeed the weightDriverEditRBF that is indeed provided by Brave Rabbit.

If you want to use the WeightDriver editor from Brave Rabbit I recommend you to check this video out

One quick question. Is the script editor printing anything else than the Syntax error message?



Hi Jerome,

thanks for getting back to me. I’d love to be using the Shapes plugin but at the moment they don’t have a floating license option and (being a Linux shop) we get moved around from machine to machine quite a lot… so we’d need a whole bunch of licenses of Shapes and that’s not really an option at the moment.

I have watched the weight driver video on brave rabbit so I’ll try and get that up and running.

I didn’t get any other error info, just the syntax error. I commented out the plug in check lines that it was complaing about and now I get the driver edit window with out errors.

Many thanks,