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RBF Manager Re-Evaluate Nodes?

In the case where I have a few deformation joints being driven by the RBF manager. Do I have to Re-Evaluate nodes every time I open the rig? Is there a way to have that data register with the rig automatically once the Maya scene is open?

I recently updated to version 3.40 and encountered the same problem. I re-opened the rig file. Some fbf settings were invalid. I had to click the re-evaluate node button on the menu. To make rbf work.
And I found that even if I click the re-evaluate node button, I can only ensure that the current file is correct. After I save it and reopen it, the rbf setting still fails. Need to click again to re-evaluate.

Hello @mberrouet and @fury_Night

The RBF node should work correctly after open the scene. Indeed opening the scene should force a full re-evaluation like if you do it from the RBF menu

can you provide more information? like Maya version, OS, etc… also a sample file will help to debug this?

hello @Miquel
I have never encountered this phenomenon in the previous use process.
I did encounter this problem when I was making it recently. I am currently trying to find a solution.
I can provide information:
windows 10.
maya 2018.4.
mgear 3.4.0.
Maya’s output window gave me some information when I created the rbf node.

Now I import mgear’s biped guide to create rbf settings. It also needs to re-evaluate the nodes to work.

I think I found out what caused this error

I still have the guide group in the file I saved. When the guide group is deleted before saving, when you open this file again, rbf works perfectly and there is no need to re-evaluate.

Hope this will be helpful for other users who encounter this issue.

But I still don’t know what is the information of Maya’s output window when I create rbf settings? Will it affect my rig rbf work?

@fury_Night interesting find! I will check it! Thanks!