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RBF mirror center controls?

I need some help, I am rigging a skirt using lite chain and want to use RBF manager to set it up like in the youtube video (mgear 2.5 RBF Manager), it works alright when i try mirror only ctls on the side, but when i include center ctls into the setup, mirroring gave errors:

# Warning: Name 'RBF_Multiplier' of new attribute clashes with an existing attribute of node 'chain_C1_fk0_ctl'. # 
# Traceback (most recent call last):
#   File "C:\Users\miica\Documents\maya\2020\scripts\mgear\scripts\mgear\rigbits\rbf_manager_ui.py", line 1498, in mirrorSetup
#     rbfModule.createRBFFromInfo(mirrorWeightInfo)
#   File "C:\Users\miica\Documents\maya\2020\scripts\mgear\scripts\mgear\rigbits\weightNode_io.py", line 768, in createRBFFromInfo
#     setTransformNode(transformNode, transformNodeInfo)
#   File "C:\Users\miica\Documents\maya\2020\scripts\mgear\scripts\mgear\rigbits\weightNode_io.py", line 573, in setTransformNode
#     pm.parent(transformNode, parent)
#   File "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2020\Python\lib\site-packages\pymel\core\general.py", line 1465, in parent
#     parent = PyNode(nodes[-1])
#   File "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2020\Python\lib\site-packages\pymel\core\general.py", line 2443, in __new__
#     raise _objectError(name)
# pymel.core.general.MayaNodeError: Maya Node does not exist (or is not unique):: u'chain_C1_fk0_driven'

This is how my setup looks like:

the file i use for testing… >>

I figured it out, I think since it’s not possible to mirror the center ctls, mirroring fails.

Is there any way to make a control drived by two rbf setup? (I thought maybe if i build it manually without using rbf manager there is a way?)

For now i remove the center ctls before mirror and it works.

Now i found a new problem… how should i setup the chain in the middle, i remembered in the video it is mentioned a chain that can blend between two chains, i going to try looking into that. Should i use chain net component in this case?

will also really appreciate if anyone got any tips for rigging a skirt :slight_smile:

I tried convert the component to chain net, and have the left and right control the middle one, but after i setup the rbf, the middle one don’t blend anymore between the left and right :joy:

I think i will switch back to use lite chain, and setup a simple constraint for the middle one by hand after i setup the rbf, will try it soon and see how it goes :slight_smile:

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When I did that I had some rotation issues and flipping. I solved this by adding local rotations from the left and right control(Which are in the RBF setup) and then multiply by 0.5 to connect into and str group of your middle control. When you are adding those rotations, maybe you have to negate some of them.

image image


Thanks Andrew for the idea! I actually haven’t got into trying out constraint (I took a little break from rigging :D) but I tried that after seeing your reply and as you said, it doesn’t work… so I tried figuring out your method, (took me a while to figure out cause I am still noob), and understood it finally :slight_smile:

I will try it on my skirt rig, and I guess this is similar to what chain_net does under the hood, and I find chain_net doesn’t work when rotating certain way:

maybe it’s because i didn’t align the guide nicely, or something about how i set it up, not really sure

I think it’s because i need to negate some of the rotation, like what you said, will try that :slight_smile:

Got it working! learning about this is so cool. I uploaded my test scene too if anyone wanna check it