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RBF mirroring woes


I’ve scoured all the existing RBF mirroring threads, and I don’t think I’ve seen this flavor of issue yet. There are no errors being thrown, and while I believe my controls are all set up to mirror correctly with the inverse/mirror attributes, I’m not sure it’s related (and I can’t get far enough to confirm)

The issue is that mirroring simply fails to copy the pose values over to the newly created nodes. Instead, they’re usually zeroed out, although I’ve seen other values occasionally pop up in other tests. Here’s a video demonstration in a test scene. It demos the RBF setup, shows that mirroring the individual controls is working as expected, and then the failed setup mirroring: rbfMirror.mp4 - Google Drive

Link to the test scene file: rbfTest2.mb - Google Drive

While the pose inputs did successfully copy over to the mirrored setup in this test demo, the actual scene I’m working with will sometimes have those input values get zeroed out too, resulting in RBF decomposition errors as you’d expect. Still, no other errors are logged in that case, and the pose values are all zeroed out as well. I’m not sure if this is indicative of other issues, but I can share this scene privately if someone feels it’s worth looking at too.

Thanks in advance to anyone who checks it out! And as always, sorry if it’s just something dumb I did.

Maya 2023
mGear 4.1.0