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Regression in Manipulation Performance

I am glad they fixed it. Where in the change log do they reference it? is it referred to as something different?

I think is this one: EM manipulation not working when some channels do not have keys MAYA-105404

Hello! first time poster here so I guess I’ll at least start by saying hi! eheh I’ve been using mGear for a little over a month now, I think the tool is doing wonder, I’m first of all an animator and by no means a coder, but so far I’ve been having a really fun time learning everything and setting up my project.

I’m currently on Maya 2020.3 and I still am experiencing hardcore performance issues like the one mentioned in the posts above. Do we have a hint at something that could cause a drop in performance post 2020.3

Parallel with EM State set to Ready. Currently on Maya 2020.3 - mGear version 3.6.0

Apologies if you need more informations, I’ll gladly post everything needed to help debunk this :slight_smile:

Hello @fredG
welcome to the forum!

do you have redshift3D installed?

can you profile the rig with the profiler tool?

Hello Miquel,
Thanks for the quick reply. I do not have redshift3D installed. Is it a necessary tool I missed to consider in mGear’s installation?


no, no! Redshift is a renderer like Arnold. But add some stuff to the scene and makes the rig evaluation very slow.

About the performance drop, is hard to tell without more data.
Can you profile the rig? send sample data? or create a video to show the issue?


Hi, I ran the profiler over a test animation, here’s the link:

Bear with me if this isn’t done correctly! This is my first time using profiler ^^’ I’ll gladly run any more tests needed.

I will mention, the rig is a simple biped (custom) and the issue seem to be coming from the spine, I am able to freely move around the arms and legs, but the spine seems to just kill the performance as soon as I manipulate it.


yep as I was guessing you have something that is killing the performance. and is not the rig.

If you don’t have Redshift, maybe is something else. But you will need to find it.
Do you have any plugins installed?

I have posted this video on my other youtube channel about the redshift issue

Maybe helps to find the issue on your side :slight_smile:

Hi Miquel,

Thanks again for helping with this, I’ll update this thread if I find anything relevant on my side for anyone that might encounter an issue. I’m pretty much running Maya barebone with ngSkintool and mGear so I guess I will have to dig further.

Video was helpful, thank you.

Have you got some history on your mesh(es)? Are you using anything heavy like wrapDeformer, closestPointOnSurface, rivets, or any other things you haven’t mentioned?

If you delete all your geometry, is the rig still slow on its own?

Any animation plugins that would install callbacks or scriptJobs that monitor what you have selected?

Have you tried with fresh preferences? (You don’t have to delete the prefs folder. Just shut down Maya, temporarily rename the prefs folder, and restart Maya, just to see.)

did you deleted the ngSkintools nodes after finish skinning?

Hi guys,

Following up for tracking purpose, turns out I probably did a wrong manipulation on the mesh at some point, after your tips I started fresh from a new mesh and couldn’t reproduce the performance issue. All your tips were great, thanks again for the support, learned some new tools ^^ eheh

@Miquel, Yep, it was and the node was gone ^^ I’m sure while skinning I must’ve hit a button that operated something on the mesh that maya didn’t like (at least that’s my best guess, stupid mistake)

Thanks again, everything’s well !


can you discribe this a little better? what kind of stuff does redshift make mgear slow?
we are currently on maya 2018.6 but will update soon to maya 2020.4 and our main renderer is redshift…

Hello @soulcage

I did a video on my other youtube channel

thanx for the hint miquel…
is this slowdown only with the new playback cache introduced in maya 2019?
in maya 2018.6 we realized some slowdowns when redshift (we are still on v2.6.56, maybe fixed in v3.x?) is involved but not so drastic as in your video…(some lag when scrubbing through frames, but only in the first scrubb…after rendering)

Redshift 3.0.x has the same issue.

i see…
would you recommend to disable redshift on the animators side (maybe with extra “animation” models with modified shaders for vp2.0) and deal with the mel scripts to disable redshift monitor on the look dev side? (seems the only workflow that comes in my mind…)

as far as they don’t start any render in the current Maya scene, Redshift will not create the scriptjobs that kill the performance. If they do, just need to save and re-open to cleanup the scriptjobs
But you should check what is the best solution on your pipeline/project :slight_smile: