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Renaming controls tip and suggestion

Just a tip for those of you using post steps to rename controls…

I was trying to rename my arm and leg controls to something that made more sense to an animator (for example, hand_l_ik_ctl instead of arm_L0_ik2_ctl) and discovered that the fk/ik switching wasn’t working.

There were three problems I discovered - first there are matching nodes that help find the right space to match your fk and ik controls, so don’t forget to fix them (they end in _mth).

Second, the UI control also has an attribute with the names of the fk/ik controls stored as a string in there, so you need to replace the old names in that attribute with the new ones.

But the big one that took me a while to figure out is that the matching code is looking for the fk controls to be in a specific order to work correctly. Upper arm, Lower arm, and then the hand to be specific.

Unfortunately, it’s currently getting that order by sorting the list of controls alphabetically. This is fine if the controls are named fk0, fk1, fk2… but not uparm, lowarm, hand. Or upleg, lowleg, foot.

I was able to work around it by being clever with my naming: arm, lowarm, wrist and leg, lowleg, shoe… but it would be better if the matching script used a hierarchical sort instead of alphabetical.


Thanks @Jason_Schleifer for the tips and suggestions :slight_smile: