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Right-side leg_2jnt_freeTangents_01 end jnt orient issue


I digged a bit and I didn’t find the issue anywhere. I hope this is not a duplicate.

There seems to be a joint orient issue whenever the right-side leg is not perfectly aligned with the z axis.
The right-side end joint is oriented like the left side.

Has this been brought up before? Any ideas?

Thanks! =)

I’m using mGear 4.0.3

Not sure if that is an issue, the last joint is the “foot” and both feet have the same orientation, so that is kind of expected. However, I understand that can be confusing. Also, can this can be affecting in case we are using blended joints.
I have created a ticket to check this

Hi Miquel.

Thanks for taking the time to check, it’s really appreciated.

I understand that the ik feet are made to be aligned with the world axis. In my example both legs have a 45 degree angle outward. I guess it would make sense if both feet kept the same straight angle, but the right side has a 90 degree offset to create the resulting 45 degrees inward instead, which is sort of confusing.

Anyway, I’ll leave you to it. Thanks again! =)

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