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rootShape repeated naming issue


I was trying to search for help to that issue on this forum to not create same topic, but I couldn’t find any that would sort my problem - maybe cause I’m not sure what is causing it - if it’s Maya bug or problem with mgear. I’m new to rigging and I was trying to learn it with your Youtube tutorials, but once I stumbled over this - I thought it might cause problem with building rig.
So the problem is within naming - whenever I create control_01 component or any other I got group with few other copies within it, just root number changes (example control_C0_rootShape, control_C0_root1Shape, control_C0_root2Shape) I’m not sure which one is right and to which I should attach other components. I tr8ied to ignored it at first and just go along but it gets more tricky further I go. Once I reached leg and wanted to build test rig, it didn’t allow me and from Shifter Build log and some of informations there were about initial hierarchy?
If someone could help me I would really appreciate that.

Edit. I’m using Maya2018.5 and latest mgear version 3.2.0.

that was fixed in 3.2.1 :wink: