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Rotations for lipsRigger



Recently we’ve been working on a character which requires high level facials. I’ve added the lips rigger to the character and skinned it. But my animators are asking for rotations on the controls which doesnt have it(eg lips_L_lowInner_ctl). Is it posiible to add rotations to them & are there any other methods to get good quality lips transformations.


Hello @niteshms04

To be honest I don’t remember exactly right now. But have you tried to unlock and make available again the rotation channels for the control?

I am planing to update the tool in some point, but can tell when. Also I thinking to make a tutorial for sell in Gumroad about advanced Cartoon facial rigging. But also, not sure when I will have the time :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me know if unlocking works.



I did unlock them, but doesn’t work. No connections from those controls to the curve shape. I was looking into the lipsrigger.py file to understand the connections but I’m not that great at coding to understand it completely. I tried using ribbons like in Josh sobel tutorials but after one point the lips break as when I push them its not that flexible as much as the lips rigger.


Hi @niteshms04
Thanks for checking this. I will take note of that to don’t forget it when I review the lip rigger