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Rotations to elbow



I’m working on a hand rig which need the 3 joints at the elbow have the same pivot position instead of 3 being apart from each other. Is it possible to have a common pivot for each of them.



Am not sure if you can easily change the pivot of other 2 joints you want to be the same as 3rd one.
but there is something in mGear called “Gimmick Joints & Blended Joints” , you can make custom hand/arm with elbow of 1 joint & use Gimmick Joints or Blended Joints to add 2 more joints to work as helper to give you bending/pose you want… does this solution work for your case?

If you don’t already know about gimmick joints ,here is small video from mGear channel about it:


Thanks @Hazem_Mahmoud . I tried using gimmick joints. Didn’t work in my case. Thanks for the suggestion though.


Hello @niteshms04

in mGear 3.0 this will be a configuration option: :smiley:




Thanks miquel. That will be really helpful.

Thanks again