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Scale Spine With Arm Stay In Place

Hi, is there a way to scale the spine but have IK controls stay in place?

I want to have some sort of control to breathe or pulsate the spine.

One way to achieve it is adding a “control_01” as child of “spine_eff” with joint option checked. Then you’ll have an extra joint to paint chest skin weights and use its control to scale independent from spine_ctrl.


Hmm, I added a control on the spine joint, parented it under spine joint. It seems to be working fine but I also want that control/joint to follow the squash and stretch behavior. Tried making connections but no matter what I do, couldn’t make the scale of that added joint match the spine joint. Any tips?

  • If it is non-uniform scaling, the orientation might have to match, otherwise, it might scale/skew in different axes.
  • If it is a joint you might have to turn off (or on, I never remember which) segmentScaleCompensate.

Thanks for the tips, I ended up adding plusMinusAverage in the middle like this and drive the value added with plusMinusAverage with an attribute on FK control.