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SDK Manager tutorial by Justin Pedersen

Big thanks to @Justin_Pedersen for the tool and tanking the time to do this amazing tutorial

it took me a little to upload it :stuck_out_tongue: my public apologies to @Justin_Pedersen

Please enjoy!!!


Looks great. I’ll give a try as soon as I can. Thanks Justin and other contributors for bring all this new stuff to mgear. This updates has bringed so many new cool things.

hi Justin!! Tool looks super awesome and super useful!! I gave it a try and found this issue that is not adding anything to the driven window. I’m following the steps from youtube’s video and seems pretty straight forward…but i have nothing there. I 've tried in a existing rig and also in a brand new rig test, with control and a cable component. But not luck either way. Is it something im doing wrong?

Heya Milio, That is strange!
I’ll need some additional info to help track down the bug.

What version of maya + mGear are you on? And are there any error messages that pop up in the script editor?



Hi Justin, thank you for replying.

I’m using whether 2019.3 here at work or 2020.1 at home.
Both the same issue…script editor even with echo all commands shows nothing. Strange indeed!


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mgear wise i tried it 3.4.0 , 3.5.0 and latest 3.5.1. 8-(

nevermind Justin, such a stupid user error, not using SDK mgear controls… sorry for wasting your time! 8-(

aaah Yes that would be it, I have constructed the tool in a very limiting way for the time being.

But this is a great help! The tool should warn the user that they need to select a specific type of control if nothing gets added to the list. I’ll add it to the TODO list :slight_smile:


Hello! I like this SDK tool very match but don`t understand how to install. Can you help me? Which file (copyProc or Master) i should be run? Besides both files error invalid syntax on phyton. And what means “tool for maya to mirror SDKs. Currently a WIP”?
PS: Sorry for my bad English. I’m not a native speaker.