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Selecting controllers freezing maya

for the second time (after a few projects), I’m facing this problem -
randomly, when selecting controllers, the scene would freeze and the only solution would be to close and re-open maya…
last time it happenned, the rig had no added custom scripts, this time it had, so I don’t know if that’s the problem
from what it seems, it’s more prone to happen if the rig is referenced, but it can also happen with normal import.
the issue occurs across all maya versions I used - 2018, 2019 and 2020.
the mGear version is 3.0.3
did it ever happen to anyone or does anyone have any idea why it might happen? I hate to tell the animator to just have to “save constantly so you won’t lose anything if it happens” but I’m really struggling to find the problem.
thanks in advance, Eliran

I think it is very common! (and annoying) I tweeted about that here: https://twitter.com/chrislesage/status/1338314328743817217

I think it is a Maya problem, not an mGear problem.

  1. uncheck “Include Controllers in Evaluation Graph” (I think this was the most important one of these two options. But I’m not sure.)
  2. uncheck “GPU override”
  3. Restart Maya. (Won’t help before restarting.)
    This seems to have worked a few times. (Not always!)

thanks! I’ll give it a go