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Set driven keys export


hi Miquel,

Sorry to bother you, but could you explain how to import and export set driven keys using ‘sdk_io’ in rigbits . Here is the process which i have been trying to use

from mgear.maya.rigbits import sdk_io

selection = [‘bShape_chiQ_lMouthSmile’,‘bShape_chiQ_lMouthSad’,‘bShape_chiQ_lSideOut’]
sdk_io.exportSDKs(selection, ‘/production/cirqusRoot/job/chiQ/work/chiq/base/rig/main/data/sdks/sdk.json’)

when i do this i’m getting a .json file but its completely empty.
The names in the list are ‘aninCurveUU’.
Thank You for your time.


@Rafael do you mind to check this? Thanks!


I will look into in the morning


Hey do you have a sample scene of you scenario? Because I looked into it on my end and actually found a different problem. So I will look into fixing that, but it would help to have yours as well.



Hi Rafael,

I’m sorry as I couldn’t get permission from my team to send you the actual file. So I tried and recreated the maya file with a simple sphere.


In here I’ve sent you 3 files
One is the maya file(test.ma). One is the script which I used to try and export the set driven keys(pythonCode).
And the last file is the .json file (sdks_test.json) which i got after running the script.

You can find the nodes mentioned in the script in NodeEditor.

Thank You for your time



Sorry about that, looks like the blendshape support for the SKD_io was… not too great. haha.

Anyway, I looked over your example and saw the issue was my fault. You can see the changed here

Let me know if that works for you.



Hey Raf,

It works like a charm. Thanks to you I can finally rebuild my rig without worrying about manually reconnecting my blendShapes.

Thank You.