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Setting up mGear

Hi everyone, it’s been about a year since i’ve used mGear. I can’t seem to get it to work properly in maya at the moment. Im using Maya 2022 with build 3.0.11 don’t know if it’s a compatibility issue or something. The python script doesn’t seem to be working but i did manage to get my old rigs to work again, there’s just no mGear menu, did things change? I used version 3.0.2 last time I was familiar with it.

mGear 3.7.11 is the first version to support Maya 2022. You’ll need to upgrade, or use an older version of Maya.

Sorry, I just checked and I am using the latest version of mGear

When I try to use the python script i get
(name ‘long’ is not defined #)

What Python script are you running? Is this your own post script? Or a script in mGear?

That sounds like a Python 3 error. You are trying to run some Python2.7 in a Python 3 environment.

Change from “long” to “int”. python 3.x - NameError: global name 'long' is not defined - Stack Overflow

There might be a few more syntax changes you need to make. You can google “python 2 to 3” for some tips. But if it is an error in an mGear script, post the full error, so the bug can be found and fixed.

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Here’s the full error message.

Error: NameError: file C:/Users/LuisH/Downloads/mgear_3.7.11\drag_n_drop_install.py line 40: name ‘long’ is not defined

When i bring in the script through the script editor it says,

Error: NameError: file line 26: name ‘file’ is not defined

Oh yeah, sorry my reply was misleading. The latest release is 4.0.9 Releases · mgear-dev/mgear4 · GitHub

Version 4 begins to support Python 3.

As far as I remember, version 4.0.3 was the first version to support Python 3 in Maya 2022. You could probably run 3.7.11 if you run Maya 2022 in Python 2 mode. But no guarantees.

Ok so, i’m using the newest build 4.0.9 however, i still don’t have the menu. No bugs nothing of nothing to be seen. What should I do? Is it possible that maybe it’s got something to do with maya and i should launch it as if i were for the first time?

@Luis_HerreraPortillo Sorry for the late reply
Do you have pymel installed? Pymel is now optional on the latest Maya versions