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Shapes tool error with Exporting/Importing as FBX

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has observed this problem? I’ve been sculpting blendshapes by using the Shapes feature that allows one to export/reimport an FBX target shape mesh efficiently, found in the settings Sculpt–>Application–>Export as FBX. When working correctly, choosing New From FBX (as indicated below) prompts you to save the FBX mesh into a chosen folder.
When you’re done sculpting the target shape - I’ve been doing so in Blender - you apply Import from FBX and it adds your sculpt to the target shapes list.

I wish this wasn’t so vague but, my problem all of a sudden is that when I go to create a new FBX mesh, I’m not prompted to export the mesh to a folder, and a new mesh isn’t exported at all, but instead added to my geo folder:

I think the answer to this problem can be found in my FBX log below. I highlighted some text to help me explain here what’s going on in the text. So the first filepath that’s highlighted is the folder that I was exporting blendshape meshes into, as prompted by Shapes, so that was working fine. However you can see I got the error that the constraints export failed. I changed the settings in the FBX Export Selection settings (as indicated when I saved ‘test.fbx’). Then I got the errors about Unsupported transform node and Non-orthogonal matrix support, as you can see.
The next highlighted filepath is showing that the newCorrective is not exporting as an FBX that can be sculpted on, but just created a new mesh in my geo folder.

I didn’t have any errors in the process until the Constraints export failed error, so I’m wondering if that triggered something? I guess my essential question is, do the Unsupported transform node and Non-orthogonal matrix support errors have something to do with my export failing, and what can I do to fix these?

Hello @olganicholaievna Not sure if we can help on this one. Have you tried to Contact Ingo Clemens from SHAPES – Blend Shape Editor for Autodesk Maya?