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Sharing 4 Custom Shifter Components

Hey everyone,

I’m sharing 4 custom Shifter components I made. I did not write these from scratch. I just copied existing components and edited them to suit our needs a bit. I also can’t guarantee they will work for you and your rigs. I can’t remember all the ways I still change things with POST custom Python scripts.

  1. finger_aim_chain
    Based on the chain_01 component. I made this for our fingers, but it could be used in other areas. I made it so that each segment aims at its child, so that you can translate without skewing. This gives you nice ability to “sculpt” the pose of the finger, almost like it was IK. But the controls are still FK rotation as well.

  2. hook_01
    I use this often! This is identical to control_01, except it does not create a control icon. And instead of “_ctl”, it is named “_hook”. It also doesn’t add itself to the controllers selection set. This is meant for when you want to have an empty group, but still be able to add things like space switching, for hidden rig functionality. It can also be used to organize your rig.

  3. spine_horizontal_01
    This is based on spine_ik_01, but the orientation of the controls has been changed, so that when the spine is rotated 90 degrees forward for a quadruped, Y is pointed UP on all the controls.

  4. foot_bk_02
    I made a slight change to foot_bk_01, so that the IK rolls are world-oriented, instead of getting their orientation from the locator placements. If your feet are not perfectly flat on the ground, the IK controls would have a tilt to them. We preferred them to be flat to the world on our rigs that had curved toes.


This is great @chrislesage Thanks for sharing it! :smiley:

I will check it ASAP :smiley:

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Thanks Chris. Especially for spine_horizontal_o1 module.

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Really cool!! Thanks for sharing! I really like the finger component!

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