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Sharing my components

Hi there.

I will share my components. documentation not done but it should work.

  • Neck

    • Switchable Head rotation space
    • Neck follows the head’s rotation
  • Spine

    • modified version of spine_ik_02
    • has Non-hierarchical rotation FK
    • can spcify fk/joint positions (useful for workflow that has skeleton convention)



@yamahigashi Thanks for sharing it!!! :smiley:

Hi Takayoshi!

Thank you for sharing those nice components!!!

I tried the neck one and I can’t make the head following anything, not even the neck, self or any other space set in the head reference array. Neck rate does nothing also. Is there anything am I missing out?


ooh!! I found out the issue! Having the Use Exprespy ticked on seems to somehow not built it right, turned off and did work fine! Sorted!! 8-D


Hi Milio,
That option relies on the other plugin called exprespy, python script based node construction kit like SOuP but good at speed
However, “script based node” means for development purpose, its recommended to turn it off. If off, a normal node-based rig will be built.

Thanks for your attention, cheers

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