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Sharing my components

Hi there.

I will share my components. documentation not done but it should work.

  • Neck

    • Switchable Head rotation space
    • Neck follows the head’s rotation
  • Spine

    • modified version of spine_ik_02
    • has Non-hierarchical rotation FK
    • can spcify fk/joint positions (useful for workflow that has skeleton convention)



@yamahigashi Thanks for sharing it!!! :smiley:

Hi Takayoshi!

Thank you for sharing those nice components!!!

I tried the neck one and I can’t make the head following anything, not even the neck, self or any other space set in the head reference array. Neck rate does nothing also. Is there anything am I missing out?


ooh!! I found out the issue! Having the Use Exprespy ticked on seems to somehow not built it right, turned off and did work fine! Sorted!! 8-D


Hi Milio,
That option relies on the other plugin called exprespy, python script based node construction kit like SOuP but good at speed https://github.com/ryusas/maya_exprespy
However, “script based node” means for development purpose, its recommended to turn it off. If off, a normal node-based rig will be built.

Thanks for your attention, cheers

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Thanks for this! Just grabbed your latest components & really love the back rig. Seems great!

One question I had for the neck - do you have any plans to add more joints? the default behavior is great in terms of blending between the head & spine, but it would be great to be able to add a few more joints in there to help with the deformations.


@yamahigashi btw: I am thinking to add your componets in the next release. Is it OK for you?


@Jason_Schleifer You’re welcome, I have no plans to do so at the moment. but I’ll give it a try if I can find the time to do it.
@Miquel That’s great! Of course OK

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@yamahigashi Hello, I recently downloaded the new connection components on your github, but I found some changes compared to the previous ones. I don’t know how to make mgear’s guide manager read these components correctly.

Hi @fury_Night , I’m not sure where you’re really stumbling, but if you’re going to use my components, I recommend adding my repository path to MAYA_MODULE_PATH environment variable in the Maya.env

  1. clone my repository to where you want (e.g. C:\ymt_components )
  2. Open your Maya.env (e.g. C:\Users\your user name\Documents\maya\2020\Maya.env )
  3. edit to appending the path

or if MAYA_MODULE_PATH entry already exists, append path with semicolon ;


If you are unfamiliar with how to use the Maya module or the Maya.env notation, I suggest you look into it first.