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Shelf Icons for Maya

I have made some Shelf Icons but im not able to find the commands to open the Shifter Guide Manager.

Im also looking for the export skin pack and mirror control shape commands.

Why im no able to see them in the script editor log?

mGear01 mGear02 mGear03 mGear04


Thanks @oglu !! This is great! :smiley:

Hi Oglu,

I think you can’t see them in script editor is because it’s in Python? not really sure… just guessing…

Commands to open Shifter Guide Manager:

from mgear.shifter import guide_manager_gui

Export Skin Pack (I haven’t test the code below)

from mgear.core import skin
skin.exportSkinPack(None, None)

Mirror Control Shape, you mean Duplicate Sym?

import pymel.core as pm
from mgear.shifter import guide_manager
import mgear.rigbits as rigbits
if isinstance(pm.selected()[0], pm.MeshFace):
    pm.polyExtrudeFacet(constructionHistory=True,keepFacesTogether=True )
    root = pm.selected()[0]
    if not pm.attributeQuery("comp_type", node=root, ex=True):

A tip: I am using a program called Agent Ransack to search through all the files in mgear folder to find the code, for example, I can input “Guide Manager” (from the mgear Menu) in the program, and it will list all the files that contain that word, and that points me to the file “C:\Users\miica\Documents\maya\2020\scripts\mgear\scripts\mgear\shifter\” which contains the command used.


Thanks miica

The Guide Manager does work fine.
Also the Export Skinpack.

But im not sure about the Duplicate Sym.
Im looking for this here.


Ah… i see, I haven’t used mGear for a while so I am getting a bit blur here sorry…

I found Mirror Controls shape in …\mgear\rigbits\ (there are other commands for the other items in the menu there too in case you need them)


Mirror Control Shape

from mgear.rigbits import mirror_controls

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