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Show Controller on Mouse Proximity

We already have the show/hide controllers when playing, but having this as a option would be awesome!

from what I can see in video it might be relatively easy to add it to mGear?

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This is built in to Maya. Help docs.

When a control curve is tagged as a “controller” node, which mGear controls are by default, you can turn this on as an option.

Select the controller tag of the control and there is an attribute


I personally don’t like it, because on large sets of controls, it (sometimes) causes viewport lag. And it makes it harder to find your controls. It’s more a gimmick than really useful.

Python example to turn them all on. You can also set them to inherit from their parent control, so you’d only have to switch your main control.

import pymel.core as pm
for each in'controller'):
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and it makes it harder to find your controls

Yeah, I get what you mean. but I could assign a toggle script to a hotkey in case I couldn’t find one (e.g: pole vector, IKs, etc)

thanks for the script, I’ll give it a try - in the end maybe it just be just a gimmick like you say haha

Didn’t know this existed. Quite handy!


It is handy yes and no. Unfortunatelly the feature still has some things missing from it. Like when you do a selection rectangle you don’t see what controls are inside that rectangle but the controls still get selected (that part is normal but the display thing no :smiley: )

This has been reported to Autodesk but I haven’t recieve any updates on it.