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Skinned mesh "detaches" from rig when scrubbing the timeline

Hi Miquel,

We are having a very strange issue with one of our rigs built using Mgear. The skinned geometry appears to lose its skin binding when advancing past the first frame in the timeline.

To repeat the bug: select arm_L0_fk1_ctl, rotate arm, scrub to any frame forward, rotate the arm again. On my end the geometry looks like it loses its skinning information and remains static.

The rig file was created in Maya 2019 and I am working Maya 2018, but the strange thing is that when I delete the rig and build it again in 2018 from the guides, it still seems to lose the skin binding past the first frame.

Is it possible to send you the file privately to take a look at? How do I PM you?

to send a PM click in my name ans send messagebutton

But to be honest. I don’t think this is a mGear issue, but probably something on you configuration. But be 100% send me the file in a PM (if is more than 2MB please use a download link )

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@Miquel ok cool. I was thinking it may not be an Mgear issue but I wanted to check if you were familiar with it or if you had a solution for it.

My account doesn’t show the message button when I click on your username. Can I PM you another way? Through the mgear contact form on the website?

Hi David, this sounds like it might also be a Maya or graphics card problem. We get this frequently too. Especially when you toggle the visibility of the geometry or the rig. But for us, it doesn’t stay stuck like you describe. It usually pops back on after we wiggle the timeline a bit.

To test if it is Maya, try turning off parallel evaluation, and switch to DG evaluation mode. Does the geometry stick back to your rig?

I’m not saying that is a solution, and that might not even be the problem. That is just a test to see if it is Maya’s fault, or not. If that does end up being the problem, I would then try updating graphics card drivers.

I’ve been having this issue for years now. I just assumed it was my AMD rx580 graphics card. But as Chris says, it pops back into place when scrubbing the timeline.

I had a similar issue. Moving the rig around was always fine, but as soon as I put any keyframes on the timeline and touched the playback, the rig would explode a bit. It would fix itself as soon as I touched it, but it made using the timeline painful

The fix for me was disabling cached playback. I know it’s an old thread, but Maya issues are being timeless as always.