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SOLVED: Epic_Spine_01 weird placement

Hi everyone,

I’m very happy with the new Epic components but I have some strange placements with the Epic_spine_01.

I am using the mannequin template. When I set the number of divisions to 3. The controller and bone of spine_02 are placed at the same height as the spine_C0_tan0_ctl.

If I set the number of divisions to 4, the controller and bones of spine_02 and spine_03 are at the same height as spine_C0_tan0_ctl and the spine_C0_tan1_ctl.

If i set the number of division higher (5 or more), the controlers are evenly distributed as expected.

It’s handy to control the placement but it feels more like a bug.

A little side question, is it possible to include the chest bone in the ik spine and to add a fk controller ? It would be handy to control this bone (right now i’m overlapping the spine_chest with the spine_top and reparenting the bones after the build.)

Thanks for your help, Tim.

about the spine behavior, it is correct and explained here

for the chest bone. You can try to use the other spines, I guess will fit better you needs :slight_smile:

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Sorry, my bad I totally missed this part of the video.

I think I’m going to stick with the epic_spine, I like the “reverse hips” controller.

Thanks a lot for your work, it’s awesome !

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