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SOLVED: Facial Rig Problems: eyebrow

Good evening gentlemen.

Brows Rigger problem.

When I rotate the “neck_C0_head_ctl” control, the problem visible in the second image is generated.

Thanks for the support

Hello @Alessandro_Melis

Please check this

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Perfect! Problem solved! :man_student:

I have moved the brow_c_crvs group under the head control but the issue is still there.

I got it working.
I had to move only the curves to the right place.

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i have a issue while scaling full control eyebrow joints and controls are move separately, but i did static parent option correctly please sort out my issue

Could you show us a video or upload the rig?


see this scale issues i have, sent me your personal id i can share my problems

i tried crv grps parent to main control but same thing happend, can you sent me any script for clearing these issues

Hi @Michel_Satish I’m sorry, but it is not easy to see what is wrong from a screenshot like this.

Like oglu suggested, can you provide a gif, video, or a rig file to look at?

You should probably not parent any of the _crvs groups. You should try to parent or constrain the controllers. The nurbs curves, like “brow_L_mainCtl_crv” probably need to stay in global space. Or you will get double-transforms.


please sent me a script for parent constraint and scale constraint of your default names brows rigger

Any ideas on how to get this parenting to happen in the brows_rigger.py build script? The facial rigger is broken until this is fixed in the tool. It can’t be done by hand by everyone. I’ll file an official bug.

Parent constraint ‘brow_C_crvs’ to the ‘head joint’.

For scaling, scale constraint the ‘brow_browRope’ and the ‘brow_secNpo’ groups to the ‘head joint’. Do this for each one, there will be a lot.

Doing the parent constraint is dead easy, it’s just one group parented to one joint. However I agree, the scaling part is a huge pain.

Hello @Noll
I have logged the issue here.

I am also using the eyebrow rigger for a personal project. I will fix it ASAP


Just a head up on the progress. I have been checking with my project, and I can reproduce the issue.

I hope to fix it soon

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I think I have the fix. But I would like to ask if someone can test the last commit to ensure is working

I have also changed the description of 2 parameters, I think makes more sense like that

Please let me know.


I have close the ticket and the changes will be published in a new release next week

Also the interface will update to reflect better the option when sym mode is OFF