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[solved] Mgear menu missing

I’m trying to implement mgear in our game studio pipeline. Everything works fine for me, but I’m having trouble getting our animation director to get the mgear menu to appear.

  • It’s installed.
  • he has python 3.11 and maya pyMel installed.
  • Added MGEAR_MODULE_PATH to the maya.env
  • mgear solvers plug-in is enabled in maya.
  • No errors in the Output Window when starting Maya. (had to fix some print () in cvwrap.py)
  • mgear userSetup.py runs fine.

Did all of the above but import mgear in the script editor produces an error that maya can’t find the module. And the mgear menu doestn’ appear.
What do you think I haven’t tried and should try?

Thank you!

EDIT: turns out he initially installed an older mgear version that wasn’t py3 compatible.