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Some control are very small how to adjust

I can’t see the controller of my finger. How can I turn it up

Select the control you want to reshape, then press F8 to go into component mode, adjust control vertices.

When you are happy with one side, select controls you want to mirror across, then go mGear > Rigbits > Mirror Controls Shape and use “selection” if you don’t want to mirror everything.

After all those steps, you’d want to save those curves so that everytime you build a guide, you get your curve edits back. You can select “rig_controllers_grp” from the outliner, right click and “select set members”, then go mGear > Shifter > Extract Controls so your edits will be saved to “controllers_org” group under guide group.

Hope it helps.


Thank you for your answer. I did it according to your method, but I didn’t find the “Select set members” you said. I guess you wanted me to select all the controllers and then extract them, but when I chose two controllers and then extract them, he gave me an error

Did you duplicate any component with ctrl + D?

no I modified it on the original curve

Do you have guides on the scene?

No I’m just learning mgear. I can’t find some things

If you can, please take screenshots to teach, thank you

I usually keep my guides on the scene and delete them whenever I publish. Whenever you add a component from mGear, it creates a guide group. That group should be on the scene when you extract the controls.

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This is the right answer. To extract controls, you need to have your guide in the scene. “controllers_org” group must exist.

Extracting controls copies the curves into that group, so it can find it next time you build.

No guide? Nowhere to save the curves!

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Thank you. Now I see what’s really going on, okay