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Some questions about Gummick joints


Hi, I’m having a bit of trouble using Gummick joints and I’d like to ask you a question.:sweat:
After adjusting the weights of Blended joint and Support joint, I need to remove the rig and re-use Build from Selection for some reason.
How w should I save Gummick joints for skeletal information with weights.
You can keep them after you Build from Selection
I’m sorry, I can’t speak English, these words are translated by translation software, it may seem a little strange.:joy:


Hi May,

One of the best ways to do this is by using a POST Python script.

So you would include the Python commands to build the gimmick joints.

In your POST script, you would build the gimmick joints, and then import your skinClusters.

The Python looks like this. The command is addBlendedJoint()

from mgear import rigbits
jointNode = pm.PyNode('hand_L0_0_jnt')


Thank you very much:relaxed:
I’m not familiar with using code scripts, but I’ll give it a try later