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Space switch help


I am trying to understand the FK Ref Array, IK Ref Array and UpV Ref Array on FK/IK legs. I guess these are spaces for space switching…? But I can’t find any description of how to use them. How do they work?


Hi @Torben_Sottrup

the IK ref array is for the IK control and the UPV is for the upvector control. Please check the biped template to see how is configured.

Just need to select a root or guide locator to add it to the list

I hope this helps. Also if I recall correctly I am using it in the Data centric rigging workshop.


Great! Thank you very much for your help :smiley:


I looked at the biped template to learn how to set it up. Then I built the template biped rig and tried using the space switch in animation. When I switch space (and the biped is not in default pose) it pops from one space to the other.

Is it possible to interpolate the transition across a number of frames? I tried out the Space Jumper tool, assuming it would match an animation control from one space to another. But I’m not sure this is actually the purpose of that function…
Edit: @Miquel


@Torben_Sottrup The functionality is implemented in the synoptic.

But there is no option for transition, you should bake and do the manual blend FK - IK when both controls sets have same animation


@Miquel Thank you for your quick reply! This is amazing. I am an animator who is also doing some scripting and rigging. In my sparetime I am working on a personal short film project and I have been looking at several autorigging systems. And I am really glad I found mGear! Fantastic work :smiley: This tool just keeps getting better and better the more I learn about it.