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Space Switching Animation Tool

Hi everyone!

New and enthusiastic mGear user here! We’ve been evaluating for our team’s usage and there are many great features, very excited!

A key tool our animators will need is a robust space switcher, and IK/FK switching tool for every control in the rig that has space options (or “references”). I see Synoptic currently supports head, shoulders, and arms, (for a biped) but we will need something that supports every control in the rig with spaces (or refs), including controls from components that are not part of the standard biped template.

Before we venture into making a custom tool/workflow for this, just wanted to see if something might already exist in the community that is compatible with mgear rigs?

Thanks all!

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Synoptic and the new AnimPicker tool can both be customized to use with your own rigs. The AnimPicker in particular is designed to be very easy to customize. For example to make a tail space switch, I start with edit anim picker, select the spine space switch from the bottom, right click and duplicate it, right click to edit the new control, click “edit action script,” then plug in the name of my tail controller and the UI host channel in the script. Then save and it’s ready to use!

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Exactly what I was hoping for, ty, ty!
Thanks so much for the YT links!


Hello @AaronPf

welcome to the mGear community!

apart to the AnimPicker. @Jerome also did the mGear’s rightclick context menu

if you have a hostUI selected, it will show the IK/FK switch. Also space switch is available


The menu is dynamic and the contect will depend on the current selection

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Hi Miquel,

I seemed to completely sidestep that right click context menu! That’s actually even better in some ways than accessing through the Picker.

Will do some exploring with this, ty!

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