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Space switching


Hey guys is there a way to set up space switching for the head in mgear? Like I want the body to turn without rotating the head.


Hey Ross,

Yep, Miquel posted about this. It is a little bit hidden.

So you put a space switch on the head like normal, and then in the attribute editor on the guide, you can find the connector attribute, and change it from “standard” to “orientation” and it will make a space switch that only does rotation isolation.



Thanks Chris for your swift reply. After I’ve done this and rebuild the guide, where do I find the option to switch?


On the UI Host that you specify in the guide.


Thanks Chris. Would you know why I get this error below when I try to input the root guides in the reference array?

// Warning: Not valid obj: guide|Global_C0_root|local_C0_root|COG_C0_root, name is not unique.

here is my scene file:


Do you have the built rig in your scene as well? If so, the *_Root nodes of the rig and the guides name-clash.

You have to delete the rig before you edit those things in the guide.


I tried that but still got the error.


It works now, thanks a lot Chris. whatever they’re paying you it’s not enough lol.