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Spider-Verse mGear Rig, and Mac Installation

Hi, I’ve searched through the forums and have tried the various methods to the best of my ability on how to install mGear on Mac. However, when I use the .mod file that comes with the Spider-Verse rig that was posted earlier last month, a series of solvers from another thread in an effort to try and install mGear separately, or trying to install it regularly through the tutorials online no methods prove successful.

In the case of the easier method through the rig itself, this is the current command I’m using;


set MAYA_MODULE_PATH= iCloudDrive\Desktop\SpiderVerse2019\mgear311

start “” “Macintosh HD\Applications\Autodesk\maya2019\” -hideConsole

When Maya is opened it says that this is an unrecognized file type.

I just ran a test by going further into the package of the file and changed the command to add “Contents\bin\maya”, but it showed the same error message. I was wondering where my error is here because from the various threads below mine it appears that this tool is fairly compatible with mac.

Hi, the solver plugins have not been compiled for MacOS Maya 2019 yet. Some day, some kind person will get around to it.

You can use Maya 2018 in the meantime.

@KolaBrandon @chrislesage

Lior Ben Horin did it :slight_smile:

Here is a copy on my dropbox:

I will include it in the next release. @KolaBrandon can you confirm it is working?