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SpiderVerse Rig for free! (mgear rig)


Hi guys.

Me and my wife had been work on our personal project as fan-made SpiderVerse rig.
Which the rig using mgear framework for solution of the rig(Thank to mgear worker especially Miquel).
After we post it in Animchallenge people got excited with it.
Even Nick Kondo and Peter Ramsey help share on their tweet. It got hit now.
You can check it out by the link below…

SpiderVerse Rig for free! (Thank to mgear-framework)

Again, thank so much Miquel. I learned a lot from you while working with you.


Thanks @iamwat for sharing this here! :smiley: Great work!!!


This is pretty cool.


Hi @iamwat

Just found today another review ofthe rig on youtube.

Also this one, but is older and maybe you already know


Thanks for sharing, Miquel :smiley:


Two winners on August contest at the [AnimChallenge] used our “SpiderVerse” mgear rig.