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Spline IK problems


Hi, I’m new to mGear and I’m having some problems with the chain_FK_spline_variable_IK_01.
It looks perfect for what I want, a 5 FK controllers with 3 spline IK controllers with a Keep Length option.

But if I use the “Keep Lenght” option, the joint chain gets weird on the tip end. No matter the number of joints, override joints number options, change number of IK controls, I always get a bad result like the picture below. I only get a good result if I disable Keep Length, but I want to keep the length.

My guess is that it is a bug, but since I’m new with mGear, I’m posting this in Support.


This is a screenshot of what I’m getting :



Hi myara,

I don’t have an answer for this. It does look like a bug. But can you mention your version of mGear?

I’m still back on 3.0.3 and I don’t seem to have the same behaviour.



Hi @myara

Looks like a bug, yes. Can you send me the guide? you can attach it in the post or by email

BTW: we need your megaman icon for your user :wink:


Thanks for testing. I’m doing this in mGear 3.1.1.

I did a test again in a new scene, to avoid any human error I may have done last time, and to my surprise, it worked well !

I did some more tests, and I could replicate the problem. Apparently, it only happens when you set the chain side to Right and use Keep Length.

After creating the rig, the node “chain_R1_ikTip_npo” gets a negative number in .tx (in this case -5). If I unlock it and fix it manually it seems to work fine (although the last joint gets a 180 rotation). So I tried the “Override Negate Axis Direction for “R” Side” that I’m not sure what it does, but it worked.


@Miquel Lol :slight_smile: here you go ! Megaman !


Thanks for the feedback. I will check this ASAP :slight_smile: