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Student Short Film: "Flower in the Subway" by The Animation School

Hey mGear Forum,

Last year I was the rigger and an animator in my student team that created this film over the course of 9 months.

I moved over to mGear in the third quarter of the year after having many issues with character changes in terms of scale and shape and having to rebuild my rig twice. Once I started using mGear rigging became such a fun activity and the forum helped me so much !

All characters bodys setups were done using mGear, the faces were done using mgear controls with constraints to blendshapes. The rat tails and character clothing animation were all hand-animated mGear setups aswell.

Thanks so much for the help and for mGear!! such an amazing tool that is a pleasure to use whenever I get the chance to. Hope you enjoy the film


Great work @Kane_Forster! Thanks for sharing it here! :smiley:

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