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Support Maya 2021

Maya 2021 is coming closer. Is there a mGear build supporting it?

Yes, when Maya 2021 is officially released :wink:

has been announced?

Maya 202? hasnt been announced as of yet. We will need to figure out py2/3 support tho.

Its not announced but close.

I assume the release is end of the month.

It’s not too late for them to distribute mGear with Maya! :slight_smile:

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One week left or Maya 202? release.

Installing now Maya 2022.

Downloading it now. :slight_smile:

I thought it was a joke… but it is not… 8-o
I just started working on 2020 now is a sort of “decent build”…

Yes, Component Tags and the Falloff System could lead to crazy things for rigging.

Hey does python 3 mean mGear will break using this? Also @oglu could you check and see in the preference menu for maya 2022 is the classic graph editor style still available to use? I always prefer that over the new one.

yes, mGear is not yet python3 ready. You will need to start Maya 2022 in python2 mode

Windows maya.exe -pythonver 2 C:>set MAYA_PYTHON_VERSION=2
Linux maya -pythonver 2 [~]$ export MAYA_PYTHON_VERSION=2 [~]$ maya


Hey @Miquel if you installed the new maya. Can you tell me if the classic graph editor is still available in the maya preferences? I still use that over the new style. Would be sad if they got rid of it.

No idea sorry :frowning:

Its right here, could anyone who is trying out 2022 check and see if this option is still available. Would be greatly appreciated!

hey I’m having an issue trying to get maya 2022 to start in python 2
tried enviroment variable and it didn’t work how do I do the command line?
I got it to start in python 2 through commandline however it keeps reseting back to python 3 its really annoying


FANTASTIC! Thanks oglu saved me a lot of time and headache :smiley:

ok one last thing, python 2 works properly as ngskintool2 loads up properly now becasue of if it, however one issue is mgear not loading properly,
I’ve tried drag and drop
it gives this error after installation

Installation Complete

// Error: Exception: file C:\Users\sedwa\OneDrive\Documents\maya\modules\scripts\mgear\core\pyqt.py line 54: Unsupported python Qt binding ‘ThisBindingSurelyDoesNotExist’ //
I’ve also tried maya.env directory and that has not worked either.