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Symmetrical Behavior with Leg Components

My client wants their characters’ legs to behave symmetrically in IK and FK mode, but I can’t seem to accomplish this with the mGear leg components, no matter which options I choose, or even messing with offsets.

What DOES seem to work is if I replace the leg components with arm components, and set the end guides straight down from the ankle (wrist?) guides. I can still parent a foot component and set the connector correctly.

However, there are a couple of downsides to this approach.
1 - It feels hacky. I’d rather do this the right way if there is one.
2 - Foot orientations are odd. Their Y axes point down instead of up. This doesn’t stop animators from doing their job, but I’d prefer to have Y axes pointing up.
3 - I’ve found that sometimes when animating the leg back-and-forth in FK mode, the joints transform unpredictably, making the leg look like a wiggly noodle. I haven’t been able to reproduce this consistently, and reloading the scene seems to resolve it.

So… I’m wondering there’s a way to get legs to behave symmetrically. Failing that, is there a way to use an arm component but point the foot control in the right direction, and avoid the transformation issues?

right now there is no option to do that. A custom component of modification of the exiting ones will be required.

Well that’s a bummer… but thank you for getting back to me, Miquel!