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Synoptic error with custom buttons


Hello! I’m really enjoying learning mGear, it’s a really great rigging system. I’m trying to make some custom buttons in Synoptic, and this is the error message I’m getting:

Loading synoptic tab of biped
# Traceback (most recent call last):
#   File "S:\Programs\mgear_3.1.1\scripts\mgear\synoptic\", line 236, in updateTabs
#     synoptic_tab = getattr(module, "SynopticTab")()
#   File "S:\Programs\mgear_3.1.1\scripts\mgear\synoptic\tabs\HH_FoxBoy\", line 31, in __init__
#     super(SynopticTab, self).__init__(self, parent)
#   File "S:\Programs\mgear_3.1.1\scripts\mgear\synoptic\tabs\", line 48, in __init__
#     klass.setupUi(self)
#   File "S:\Programs\mgear_3.1.1\scripts\mgear\synoptic\tabs\HH_FoxBoy\", line 67, in setupUi
#     palette.setBrush(QtGui.QPalette.Active, QtGui.QPalette.PlaceholderText, brush)
# AttributeError: type object 'PySide2.QtGui.QPalette' has no attribute 'PlaceholderText'
// Error: Synoptic tab: %s Loading fail HH_FoxBoy
type object 'PySide2.QtGui.QPalette' has no attribute 'PlaceholderText' // 

Any idea what might be causing this? All I did was copy and paste the buttons, and change some of the control names, like in this tutorial.


Hi @ericEDfilms Can you send me the synoptic files in a PM . I will check it



Hey @Miquel , I’m not sure how to PM on this forum, but here is an archive of the file.



Hi @ericEDfilms I am sorry for taking so long to check this. But I don’t forget it :slight_smile:


Hi. I’m having the same error after trying to delete some unneeded buttons
‘PySide2.QtGui.QPalette’ has no attribute ‘PlaceholderText’.
Here are my files:


Hi @ericEDfilms

Sorry for the super late reply.
looks like you set a configuration in the palette that was not compatible with synoptic. I can’t find how you did it. But just try to use your version without transparency set. And looks like fixes the issue

I did it again, and now have not the “PlaceholderText” entry.