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Synoptic on custom rigs


Hey there!

I’m having a problem loading custom synoptic tab on my rig. This is the message I get:

# Traceback (most recent call last):
# File “C:\Users\PC\Documents\maya\2017\modules\scripts\mgear\synoptic_init_.py”, line 235, in updateTabs
# module = importTab(tab_name)
# File “C:\Users\PC\Documents\maya\2017\modules\scripts\mgear\synoptic_init_.py”, line 45, in importTab
# dirs, defFmt, customFmt, tabName)
# File “C:\Users\PC\Documents\maya\2017\modules\scripts\mgear\core\utils.py”, line 148, in importFromStandardOrCustomDirectories
# module = import(module_name, globals(), locals(), ["*"], -1)
# File “C:\Users\PC\Documents\maya\2017\modules\scripts\mgear\synoptic\tabs\Scarlet_body_front_init_.py”, line 15, in
# class SynopticTab(MainSynopticTab, widget.Ui_biped_body):
# AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute 'Ui_biped_body’
# Error: Synoptic tab: %s Loading fail Scarlet_body_front
’module’ object has no attribute ‘Ui_biped_body’ # )

After copying biped folder, I made custom widgets and widget color UI files in Qt Designer. Made sure to compile the file in Maya, reloaded and got this error. I’ve been fighting it for a while now, what exactly I’m missing?


Hello @Sam_Noskov

You need to make sure that your top WIDGET in the designer is called biped_body or you simply change the python import on the init.py file on your folder. If this isn’t clear enough let me know.



Thanks, that fixed most of my issues with Synoptic, however I still have an issue where I have similar control names on both arms. How do I fix that in Designer?


You need to be sure that the object dynamic property is correctly set to your control name. Is you have double names then you need to give it the full path name so that maya finds the good control. That been said it is never recommended in rigs to have double names.


Thanks for the info! Last question, how can I change object classes? Atm it’s “SelectBtn_darkGreenBox”. I would like it to be light blue instead. Changing palette doesn’t work apparently.


Nope if you want to use pallettes you need to promote your widget to a SelectButtonStyleSheet but the widget type needs to be a QFrame widget. It you want to use the SelectBtn_darkGreenBox then you need to first downgrade your widget to a QWidget then promote it into the SelectBtn_darkGreenBox.

Be aware that there SelectButtonStyleSheet widget type that you see on my image is an override of the QFrame widget wich isn’t the case for the rest of the widget classes available in Synoptic.


Thanks a lot for the info! That’s a huge help.