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Synoptic Selecting Extracted Control Shapes, not rig ctrls


I am currently building a rig, and fixed the placement of all of the controls. However, I noticed that after I extract the controls, Synoptic is associated with the controls under the “controllers_org” group, not the controllers on my rig.

Am I missing a step of getting Synoptic to recognize the rig controls, not just the extracted controls?

Many thanks!


When you extract a control, the *_controlBuffer duplicate is still left in the controllers selection set. (That could be improved in the extract_controls function. I’m making a note of that.)

Perhaps the synoptic function you are running is using the selection sets to find the things to select? In that case isn’t it selecting both the controls and the controlBuffers?

If you remove them from the selection sets, does it fix it?


Hey Chris, thanks for getting back! You helped me solve the problem :smiley:

Looks like every time I delete the rig and rebuild, it creates a new selection set with the extracted controlBuffers. I deleted the selection sets, deleted the rig and rebuilt, and regained synoptic functionality.

Thanks for the help - I love mGear and everything you guys are doing. Keep up the amazing work!




Sort of. If there are *_controlBuffer objects in the set, the sets do not get deleted automatically when you delete the rig, since they are not empty. So you end up with duplicate sets. The ones with the controlBuffers should actually be the old ones.

In one of my PRE scripts, I run this line to delete all existing sets named *_grp*. Then you end up with fresh ones each time you build. (Be careful if you have sets you actually want to keep.)

import pymel.core as pm
pm.delete('*_grp*', type='objectSet'))