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Synoptic visibility tab works


There is a problem in the gear_guide_root settings interface, the Synoptic settings loaded the visibility tabs, after the build to the Synoptic visibility tab does not work
how to use the visibility tab


Hello @fury_Night

Normally the visibility tab only shows geometry that is inside a group called “geo_root

I am going to do some tutorial videos next week that will explain how you can customize all your tabs and override what mGear has as default.

For now try changing your geometry group name to geo_root and let me know if that works out for you


Hello @Jerome

Thank you very much for your answers and help, this is useful to me.

The visibility tabs are used to control the model, not to control the controller.

Recently, the team’s animator asked me if I could hide the animation controller that I didn’t use. I filtered out a lot of controllers in the Maya viewport to make animations in the intuitive Maya viewport. Back to me to check the binding settings, found this tab of mGear, mistakenly thought that it can reach the animator feedback problem, repeated tests did not get results, so come to the forum for help.

Now I know that the control_list tabs can meet the needs of my team’s animators, which can list the names of all the controls.
Maybe the animator needs to visually show and hide some controllers in the Maya viewport. Is it possible to port the idea of the visibility tabs to the “.visibility” that can control the controller’s shape to control the controller to show/hide in the Maya viewport?

Please ask again.

  1. What is the meaning of the visibility tabs for making animations?

Thanks again



The Visibility is a tool to help hiding or showing the deformed geometry (render geometry) inside the rig and not the Animation Controls.

I understand now better what you need. You need something to do the same as the Visibility tab but for the Animation Controls and not the Geometry. For now we don’t have a tab to do this but I could implement this easily on the control list tab but can’t promise when exactly. I am actually refactoring some things inside those tabs so i could to that after but I need to check with Miquel.

Now if you are in an urgent situation and you know scripting then what you can do is create your own TAB and load it inside Synoptic. You can do this by setting the MGEAR_SYNOPTIC_PATH env variable to a path in which you have you own tab created. This does involve getting your head around some Synoptic requirements but they aren’t that hard to come around.

Let me know if this helps


hello again @Jerome

This is very helpful to me.

These tabs from Synoptic are great, whether animators or riggers, thanks and looking forward to your updates to these tabs.

I am learning to improve my work with python, but I am a beginner of qtdesigner. Now I have an idea, I want to add a button in the biped tab to control the Animation Controls shapes. ‘visibility’, to achieve the show /hide effect of Animation Controls in the Maya viewport, but do not know how to link the code to this Button

#python code
import maya.cmds as cmds
selected_items = cmds.ls(selection=True)
for i in range(len(selected_items)):
shapes = cmds.listRelatives(selected_items[i], shapes=True)
for i in shapes:
vis_value = cmds.getAttr(i+’.visibility’)
if vis_value == True: