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Synoptic with multiple characters


Hi all, first post here. Really enjoying working with mGear so far.

Not sure if anyone else has encountered this, but i’ve run into issues using the synoptic with multiple character rigs in the scene. I’m able to switch between rigs from the synoptic, and some functionality is available (e.g. select all, reset bind pose work fine), but i’m unable to select individual controls from the synoptic.

I’ve tried refreshing from the synoptic menu, but not sure what else to try really. Perhaps i’ll need to spend more time building more usable controls instead!

Any advice much appreciated. I’m working on OSX on Maya 2018, with version 3.2.0 of mGear.


Hello @charlienewland

Can you describe how you are bringing all your different assets on your scene? Are they referenced? or imported? if they are imported, are you importing them with or without a namespace?


Thanks for getting back to me Jerome. I was importing, and it was of course a namespaces issue! :expressionless: My bad, totally overlooked that. I had been moving bits around without namespaces and forgot switch back.

Thanks again,