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T-Pose Functionality

Does mgear have T-Pose functionality?

Hi Marc,

What do you mean?

For games, it is required to sometimes export a T-Pose skeleton for Motion Capture, I was wondering if there was a magic button somewhere, that allowed the rig to go from a perfect A pose to a T-Pose?

There is no button (that I know of) that sets the rig to T-pose. mGear does not know a lot about what your rig is, or how it is structured or what controls or what space switches you are using. It’s a completely flexible system.

For example, the Shifter biped template is just a starting point, not a standard or a convention. My own rigs personally, are very different than that template.

So you’ll have to set this up with your own post custom scripts.

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Sounds good, thank you.