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The binding system created by mGear 3.4.0 does not work in mGear 3.7.11 using the right-click switch function

Now some files are bindings created in mGear 3.4, because of upgrading mGear to 3.7.11, using the old bindings, switching with right click will report an error, using the selector panel is normal, because I don’t want to regenerate the bindings, is there any solution please?

\mgear\core\dagmenu.py line 219: ‘NoneType’ object is not iterable!

This isn’t a bug. This is because there are new attributes added in that version, and your old rigs are not compatible.

I think your only options will be:

  • Rebuild the rigs using the version of mGear you are using.
  • Downgrade back to 3.4.0
  • Edit the code of dagmenu.py so it works with your rigs. (This might require editing multiple files, if the script depends on other code.)
  • Add the missing attributes to your rig, so dagmenu.py doesn’t fail. (Build a test rig in 3.7.11. Then you can look at the difference, and add what is missing to your production rigs.)

I was wondering if there was a way to add the same controller properties to the 3.4.0 bindings as in the 3.7.11 bindings, and if that would work, so I wouldn’t need to regenerate the bindings, and if you could give me the key properties, that would be great.