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The issue that joints from chain component are created in wrong position when FK/IK switch is available

Hi,I’m facing the problem I mentioned in the title.

I created the guide like following with chain component

Creating rig from this guide,joints in IK are fliping awfully

Joints in FK are in correct position.

it seems to occur because of fliping of joint chains

(though I’d like to show more images, but it seems that new comer can’t upload only one image)

I think I can fix it by setting preferred angle of joint chains before set ikhandle,but I couldn’t find out where in the code to fix

How can I deal with it?

Thank you

Hello @hogawish and welcome to the forum.

Do you think you could please share a guides export of your chain and maybe provide us with more information about your setup (Maya version/mGear version).


Thank you for your quick reply!
and Sorry for my late reply.

This is my template

I use maya2020.2 and mgear 3.6.0

I’m not native English speaker,so forgive me for my poor English

Hello @hogawish

Sorry for this late reply. I’ve checked your guides but indeed this isn’t something that will be stable on Ik solving. If you want an IK solution on your placement I would recommend creating single bones chains (cwith the mGear chain_01 component as you did) and parent them one under the other so that you have a more stable solution because your guides placement just isn’t something that would behave correctly on multi joints chains. Give it a try with single bones (two joints) and let me know

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