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The Mandalorian - Teaser

Hello!! Another personal work Ttis time based on The Mandalorian.

Fully rendered in Unreal 5 and powered by mGear.

Some animation and control rig breakdown videos here:

Once more in collaboration with my friend Guillermo Moreno Alfaro.




Awesome work @Milio !!! How do you find the time to do all?

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haha! Thank you!! It might be because we don’t have children!!!. :laughing:
I don’t know actually. I do have a few hours every day, where I can do a few things like the short movies or free rigs or some occasional freelance.

These “big” projects are ongoing for several months and usually is getting done because of the commitment we have to each other. In this case with Guillermo had the idea of doing something related to the Mandalorian theme and I have the bikes and the scouts rigged.
The free rigs usually are taking me a couple of weeks maximum, relaxing stuff after work. :wink:1