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The Mighty Grand Piton


Hi guys,

Here’s a short film we did with The Line. We used mGear for the big robot fella. We also use mGear for all rigging in the studio now. We love it.

Here’s a little break down of one of the shots-

and the Rig-




@tomflav This is super great!!! :smiley: Thanks for sharing it here!!!
I love to see the rig and your control design. We should improve the default biped controls shapes :stuck_out_tongue:


This was a great one to watch. I would’ve never guessed that the robot was CGI. Wonder how that cell shaded rendering was accomplished!?
But I really enjoyed this one especially since the the scenery is based on my country Saint lucia :slight_smile:


Thanks Ross

I developed the cel shading rendering and I can tell you it’s pretty simple really. Just all about breaking down the layers that animators typically draw and approaching those as separate rendering problems.

The main thing is to have really good assets in the first place with perfect normals, that helps alot!