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Twist on tail controls?

I’m brand new to mGear and am finding my way so far (the videos help out :slight_smile: ), but had a few questions about tails.
First, is it possible to get per IK control twist on any of the splines? I see that if I rotate the end IK controls on the IK spline variable FK, I get twist starting from either end, but I’m more interested in getting twist from the individual controls. For instance if I were to do a snake, I wouldn’t want a blanket twist.
Second, is it possible to get a spline with less controls to drive one with double or triple the number of controls? It would be ideal to get some rough animation in with less controls and get into a detailed version of the rig when necessary.
I think I could figure out how to do this once the rig is created, but just wanted to know if that functionality was there.