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*.ui and *.py files


I was wondering why there are both *.ui and *.py files for the settings?


@Toke_Stuart_Jepsen we was using .ui and compile it on loading. But it was very slow so, we started to compile the .ui to .py

.ui is just a backup in case is needed any modification in the future. (Indeed is not need in the release :stuck_out_tongue: )


The ui files confused me a bit since I tried to modify one and use the converted py file, but there were too many changes to the py file so i ended up just copying selected parts over.


We do modify manually the compiled version only to keep compatible with old and new maya versions.

If not needed (for example you only work with maya 2018) not need to edit anything after compile it


I don’t know why but part of me jsut want to re-write the UI files fully in python so that we don’t carry those anymore but I understand that some people love the designer :smiley:


I love the designer for simple interfaces :stuck_out_tongue:

But to be 100% honest. (at less for the shifter components) the UI should be created dynamically from the guide attributes .


I like that idea. Might get tricky in some cases when you actually want a more dynamic type of component but still interesting idea. What I mean by dynamic component I mean that you get more options when creating the component. For example I think that some duplicated components could just get combined and have the building option define it’s behavior. Just mentioning this for some cases of course not all.