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UI error and crashing while using 3.7

Hi, I was using mgear 3.4 and was working fine. Since I switched to 3.7 and using UI options I’m getting this error “maya\modules\scripts\mgear\core\dagmenu.py line 217: ‘NoneType’ object is not iterable” and also maya is crashing while using controllers to select UI host.
Using maya 2019.3.1 on windows.

Thanks for the feedback @Mani
the rig has been generated with the 3.7 version? or is from older version?

Thanks @Miquel for the reply. I was using @Milio rig to test some of the animations. So, I guess its from older version. Also, I have created some of the rigs using 3.6 those are having the same issue’s(crashing while using any of the controller to select UI host).

Hello @Mani

Have you tested in Maya 2020? Maya 2019, in my opinion is full of bugs and not worth using.

Also I tweeted this potential fix for when Maya crashes when you touch a rig. Give it a try. It might help. It helped with several animators so far.

  1. uncheck “Include Controllers in Evaluation Graph” (most important one to try.)
  2. uncheck “GPU override” (This might not make a difference. And it might slow down your rig. Try keeping it on at first, then disable it if you keep crashing.)
  3. Restart Maya. (Won’t help before restarting.)
    This seems to have worked a few times. (Not always!)

Thanks @chrislesage! Thanks for the suggestion. No, I didn’t try in maya 2020 as some of my client are using 2019 but will try for personal test. But on a side note, when I am building rig using 3.7 in maya 2019 its working fine and no crashes, it’s only when I am using any rigs which are build in lower version of mgear. Will give it a try at those fix’s.

Hello @Mani

Yes the error is expected since the new rigs have a new message connection and attribute to handle the right-click menu.
I will check how to add a handler to avoid the error and crash. But not planning to support old rigs with the right-click menu. You will need to rebuild rigs to use 3.7 right-click menu.

Sure, thanks for the info! BTW love the mgear XDXD

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I have created a ticket https://github.com/mgear-dev/mgear_core/issues/72

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Hello @Mani I have tried old rigs on the latest mGear with Maya 2020 and didn’t get any crash. I will try with Maya 2019 at some point. But since is not a version I am using in production it may take a while to test

Do you have any news on your side? did you try Maya 2020?

Hi @Miquel thanks for the effort. Yes, seems working fine in Maya 2020 and no crashes…yeahhh!
But I am getting same error while using any function from UI Host Only IK to FK functions:
\maya\modules\scripts\mgear\core\dagmenu.py line 217: ‘NoneType’ object is not iterable

yes, that is already fixed.
The fix will be on the next beta :wink:

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Thanks @Miquel :beers: